Discipleship Groups

Are you looking to start a life of discipleship? Are you looking to go deeper?

Discipleship groups meet at Mt. Pisgah or in homes. As a small group of believers and seekers at different stages in their faith, we're able to build each other up. We're able to study God's Word in a safe and open environment. But God's Word is always central. The Bible will have the final say.

If you're already part of Sunday school or a Bible study, D/Groups are a great way to get to know more people and spend more time together in the Bible. They're not designed to replace what you're currently participating in. But if you're not involved in a class or study, D/Groups are a great entry point.

Christian relationships are a vital part of connecting with a church. To get started in a life of discipleship or get more involved, sign up for D/Groups today.

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