Sunday School

There is no better way to connect at Mt. Pisgah than to combine digging deeper into God's Word and building relationships with others. Every Sunday morning, we meet for Bible study at 10:10am. There are classes for all ages, from kindergarten through senior adults. The content follows the direction of the sermons in the worship services. To find out more about the current series, check out below.

The God Questions

It seems like our day and age struggles with big questions. We doubt classic teachings of the church. Does it make sense to hold to what the church has taught for almost 2000 years? Can we be intellectually honest and claim to believe in the Bible? Can we have confidence that God is good and still allow for suffering?

These aren't small matters. Join us as we honestly address these and other questions every Sunday until the end of May.


For your children in elementary school, the Gospel Light curriculum teaches them the basics of what Christians believe that is age- and stage-of-life appropriate.

Kid trax

Your kid's safety is our priority!  With Kid Trax, you are able to tell the teachers and helpers in your child's classroom who may drop them off and pick them up, what needs teachers may attend to, and all other information vital to the safety of your child.

You can visit the Kid Trax station in the lobby of the church.