Our God is a generous God, and by being generous in return we worship him. Your generosity helps Mt. Pisgah carry a high level of faithfulness and excellence in everything we do.

Giving online is often the easiest, most convenient, and quickest way of giving. If you are more comfortable sending a check, it's no problem. Please make checks out to: "Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church" and mail them to 3718 E. Blue Ridge RD., Shelbyville, IN 46176.

OFferings and Keeping Records

From Brenda Bush, Assistant Treasurer of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church.

Mt Pisgah has 3 primary funds. The Missions account is used to help people outside of our church. We have a Mission Disbursement Committee that recommends where our Mission offerings will be used for each month of the year. The Building Fund is the only offering being used at this time to pay for the new sanctuary and the new children’s wing. The General Fund is used for all other expenses in the church, such as salaries, utilities, equipment, office supplies and expenses, teaching materials, postage, Sunday school, and youth activities. 

While many churches have just one fund and a board decides what percentage of all offerings goes to each area, Mt. Pisgah gives you the choice of where you want to donate your offerings. All loose cash and checks that are not marked for a specific fund are deposited into the General Fund. As the Assistant Treasurer, I collect the funds, keep a record of donations and deposit the funds into the appropriate accounts at the bank. I keep records for all people that use offering envelopes, pew envelopes, online giving, and for all people that use a check to donate. Even if you do not use envelopes, I have a record and will be glad to provide a letter for tax purposes. If you have received a tax letter in the past, you will continue to receive one each year.  

Using the offering envelopes makes it convenient for you to donate to more that one fund as you can write just one check and mark how you want it divided on the envelope or in the memo on the check. You can also let me know at the beginning of the year how you want your check divided, and I will keep that pattern until you tell me to change the split. Payments for activities (such as summer mission trips and church camp) should be placed in an envelope and clearly marked what and for whom it is payment should be applied. If it is not marked, it will go into the General Fund and you will not get credit as making a payment. If you have any questions at all about envelopes or letters, please contact me at (317) 392-3569. 

If you use the pew envelopes to donate cash, I must have your first name, last name, and address to be able to keep a record of your giving. You do not need to write the address on the envelope every time, just the first one or two times. We have grown so much that first names alone does not help me to know who gets the credit. 

Thank you for your generosity!

Brenda Bush