We believe that everything belongs to God, but that idea can be startling. We've earned everything we have, right? But when we see that all of creation is God's, we then learn that he is incredibly generous by giving us what he has. So in return, we want to designate a certain amount of what he's given us to go back into his church. 

By giving regularly and faithfully, you support ministries to all ages and stages of life. You support outreach opportunities. You support building structures where God's people can gather together to worship and be discipled. You break the hold that our money can have on our hearts and minds. 

Thank you for your offering to Mt. Pisgah!

That's my pan fundraiser

We're starting the annual That’s My Pan fundraiser for our church. There's now a great on-line process that makes it easy to order personalized gifts. You can order any time you want by December 1st to have for Christmas.

You can order from anywhere in the country, pay by credit card, and have your order mailed directly to you. If you go to Mt. Pisgah and do not have them shipped directly to you, the shipping will be less. These make great Christmas, shower, birthday, and wedding gifts. The proceeds will go toward the loan payments on the sanctuary and the Children’s Wing.